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I am a consumate crafter. I knit, quilt both sane and crazy, scrapbook, bead, mosaics and any other thing I can think of along the way. Someday I also hope to do real glass jewelery and stained glass but those have to wait until I have room and more time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 Days and Counting til Wonderland

Yep. It's finally almost time for our trip to Disneyworld. With our awesome granddaughters. But in the last week several things almost kept this from happening. One I fretted over quite a bit and one happening totally unbeknownst to me. At our end what happened was both a good thing just at an inconvenient time. Dearest husband has finally gotten a job. One that actually takes him out of the house 5 days a week for about 10 hrs a day. This is something I have been longing for for months now. To have my house to myself on a regular basis to do what I want without him being in the way. And the income ain't to bad either. But of course when the job starts a week before you are supposed to leave on vacation and that dearest husband forgets to discuss that with his boss during the interview. Well it makes for one nervous granny, I tell you. But finally on his first real day he does tell his boss and everything is fine. He does get to go. Which saves us a ton of money. The tickets we got to the DW parks was thru the military. His was free. A 5 day all inclusive, park hopper, water park, ect, ect, ect.... Free, Free, Free!! Ours are companion tickets for 5 days but does not include park hopping or the water parks. And he has to be with us for us to use them. No problem with that. We only had to pay $99.00 each. When it was possible he could not go I looked at having to buy new tickets and those same level tickets for only 3 days were well into the 3 hundreds. Each. But I would not have disappointed those girls so I would have bit the bullet and bought them. But alls well that ends well, right??

Then I got a phone call from dearest daughter. Seems oldest grandchild got bit by something a few weeks ago and it got pretty infected. She had to have it lanced, twice and go on very strong antibiotics. I think it is a good thing I did not know this as it was happening. Cause I have cared for many a child who ended up hospitalized for same said infections. And some even had surgery/surgeries before they could finally get over it. And it would have made me so nervous and anxious for her well being, let alone her being able to come with us. So again alls well that ends well. But I am mentally still doing a bit of breath holding. And I think it will be a very big sigh of relief when we finally go thru those Disney gates for the first time. When the rest of the family is oohing and aahing on Cinderells's castle, I will be mentally thanking God we made it there!!

Our weather has been very psycotic this last week. We would have a couple of days of nice spring weather and then a big rain storm, then very cool temps. This morning I woke to heavy frost all over the garden. But a nice warm up is in progress and a tour of the yard this morning shows all to still be well. These tulips are not in my yard but down the way by the church-to-be sign.

Everything is really greening up around here, despite the recurrent chill. The winter wheat down the way is almost neon green. Of course I never have my camera when I go by there. But our grass is growing like a weed. Maybe that is cause there are so many weeds in our grass. Ken managed to finally buy his riding lawnmower and got the grass cut for the first time. The man drives that thing like he is in the Indy 500. And he leaves behind alot of stripes when he goes around curves. I think I will just have to have him teach me to drive the darned thing so we get a nicer looking yard for the effort.

I finally have that finished object I promised last post. I have had it done for a few days but I could not get it blocked. Cause I had no idea where my blocking pins were. But today, while rummaging thru my sewing room I found them in a box. One which only luck put in my way to find. I would have never thought to look for blocking pins in a christmas box I had saved for future use. I was hoping to get this shawl to block out a little wider and a little shorter than it looked unblocked. But it does not seem like that is going to happen. I want to preserve the nice shape of the hexagons and stretching it won't maintain them that way. So I just stretched it a moderate amount and will hope for the best. I figure this is a show piece anyway, one that will rarely get worn. I might enter it in the fair, show it to people to let them see all the natural colors one can get and then let it hang around, draped over something so it can be admired. I will try to get some sort of picture of it on me soon, once it dries.

I am going to try to post while we are at Disney. The girls tend to be very photogenic and Disney makes for a great background. But it depends alot on how dog tired I am at the end of each day. So keep checking back. If I don't get to post while we are gone, I will sure have a doosey to post when I get back!!