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I am a consumate crafter. I knit, quilt both sane and crazy, scrapbook, bead, mosaics and any other thing I can think of along the way. Someday I also hope to do real glass jewelery and stained glass but those have to wait until I have room and more time.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just Forever....and a day

It has been a long time hasn't it. Sorry as always. But let's let that go and hope for a fresh start with this blogging thing.

Alot of life has gone on since last I chatted with most of you. Tons of gardening, a very very hot dry summer which exhausted me, a visit from the granddaughters, another visit with my dad and then very recently a short visit from my Aunt Judy, my dad's sister whom I had also not seen in almost 50 years. All the visits were great and never lasted quite long enough for anyones liking.

Probably the best visit is when I took the girl's down to Atlanta to meet my dad the day before they flew back to New Hampshire. The day before had been a tough one. I think Maddy was a bit out of sorts about the entire idea of meeting a grandfather she didn't already know, leaving and going back home and maybe flying out of Atlanta. Who knows what had her on edge. But she just didn't have the best of days and exhausted herself and everyone around her. But the day we left to go down, she was great and both girls enjoyed meeting my dad and his wife. They were on the very best behavior the entire time, especially when we were out to dinner. I am sure the conversation bored them to tears but you would have never known it. We left late to go to a hotel closer to the airport cause their flight in the morning was so very early. Maddy was an amazing navigator and both girls held up well when we couldn't find a hotel for over 2 hrs. They were very tired when they got on the plane the next morning. They are now back home, in their brand new house and at a brand new school. All is going well from what I have been told.

The sitting garden has made alot of progress since the last posting and pictures. Even thru a very hot summer, lots of things bloomed well and provided me with a quiet spot to drink my coffee in the morning. Well, at least after I found this vintage cafe set at a junk shop and painted it this bright blue. After all, a girl needs a place to sit in the garden in order to have that coffee. I have also managed to place alot of found objects thru out the space this summer. I have a "made" birdbath out of terra cotta pots. I am going to mosaic the large saucer part here soon and use the orange globe from an old hummingbird feeder in the center for an accent. I brought several gazing balls with us from Oklahoma and they are all in their places now. Our local Salvation Army had a nice armillary sundial for 5 bucks that came home with me and is nestled where it hardly even sees the sun!! Oh well, I am not smart enough to tell time in such a complicated way!! The little patio that the table sits on is almost big enough and soon I will move all the pavers and level it all out a bit better. My bottle tree looks right at home next to the french doors to the apartment. And yes, we did drink all that wine at some point! I still have not found the perfect bird house that I see in my mind, living a corner of the garden. But I will find it and get it out there someday soon. By this time next year, it will all have changed again as I plan on letting the beds get a bit wider and there of course, will be alot more growth on all the plants. So stay tuned...or of course, come for a visit and see for yourself!

Another thing that I have not done in forever. A real forever. And a day.......crazy quilting. But this little purse is something I whipped up to replace a bag I had worn plumb out. It is just big enough to carry my money, credit cards & ID, and my cell phone when I leave the car to go into a store. I honestly had not done any CQ in so long that every step of the way I had to really think about what I was doing. Going thru some of my bins, I felt like I was making new friends of all my old supplies. I really need to get back to doing more of this and maybe even finish my big wall hanging that already has so much work put into it.

The slightly bigger bag is one my friend Crystal made for herself or her daughter. But when I saw it I commented on how well it would match my little bag. Being Crystal, the very next day she came down and gifted it to me. I have such great friends!! And alot of the fabric for the CQ bag was from my Lizzie on-line friends. A few years ago, they all sent fabric in my birthday cards. Every time I opened a card, some sort of blue fabric came tumbling out. They swear it was not a coordinated effort and I beleive them. They are just all in sync some times. But I knew at some point I would use that fabric for something that would remind me of all of them. I think I did good with this one.

I have lots of other projects in the works and may have some more to post about soon. So see you next time, when ever that ends up being!

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Prairie Thistle said...

It was good to see your new blog post. I haven't posted in a long time either, but that's because no one wants read my whining about health problems.

Glad the girls had a nice visit. I love your sitting garden, especially the bottle tree, I've wanted one for a long time. Wasn't able to enlarge the picture to see what the base was made of.