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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Has it been Forever?

It does seem like forever since I posted last. Life has been running around me like a whirlwind and I tend to stand in the middle, dazed and ineffective. But I am here today and I will try to catch up just a little on what is going on in my life. The above picture is from the ice storm we had 2 weeks ago. It was much more damaging to Oklahoma City than it was here in Lawton. There are still people without power due to downed trees. My apartment was without power for 3 days. I went and stayed at the hospital on the floor for 2 of those nights which made me appreciate heat, lights, a warm shower and my fluffy, warm, cozy, quilty bed that much more when I finally got back to it. Today the weather is awesome, cold but sunny. The birds are having a heyday at the feeders and both cats are enjoying watching them.

My knitting projects lately have been Christmas present related( who's weren't!!) I waited until the last minute of course and had to knit like a madwoman to get anything at all done. Part of the reason was lack of inspiration. But on a recent shopping trip to Yarn Gourmet in OKC I happened upon all the Barbara Walker Stitch Encyclopedias and I found a pattern for a lovely knit spider pattern. It was just the spider not the hat but I knew it had to be used for DGD Katie!! She is into unusual things and I know she will think this hat is too cool. First I knit just the spider to get the feel for the complexity. I tried it in DK weight yarn and the spider would have been a foot tall!! But I switched to sock weight yarn and I figured it was just small enough for this hat. So I cast on enough stitches for 4 spiders separated out by some twisted stitch cables and knit away. It honestly took me a week to carefully knit past the spiders but once I was past that the rest was just trying to figure out how to decrease in a eye pleasing head hugging way. I almost ran out of yarn and if I would have had just a bit more I would have made the hat just a little taller but it should still fit like a skull cap and where she lives is not that cold. I posted it on Ravelry and immediately got 6 favorites on this project!!

Of course I had to make something for the other DGD. She is much more girly and so I thought a headband earwarmer would be much more her style. I figured it would be the easy project-wrong!!! I had to start over 3 times. First time I tried a much to complex style and would have never gotten it done in time. Try 2 was too big and I will frog it soon. This was try 3 and I think it is quite pretty. It is out of KnitPicks Shine Sport and I will be buying and using more of this soon. I do hope it fits her but if not it will fit her mommy and I will make another for her. In fact when I talked to her mommy I was told that both girls saw earwarmers out at Old Navy and commented that they wanted one but the adult sizes were too big. Also mommy wants me to make her one with a hole for her pony tail?? I guess I will get creative after Christmas and see what I can do. I am not sure why you need the hole, just put the headband under the ponytail but she seems to think it is a cool idea so what the heck, I will try!!

Last weekend was a sad one for me. I received the news that my all time favorite singer-songwriter had passed at only age 56 of prostate cancer. I have always loved the music of Dan Fogelberg even when very few knew who he was. When I was alone in the house I would put on his CD's, turn them up, and sing from my heart. The few songs that he did that made it big on the radio were never my favorites. I find songs like Netherlands, Nexus, Only the Heart May Know, The Reach, Forefathers, ect. to be much more to my liking. I am not sure I could even list my one favorite song or album that he did. Even as I write this my heart aches for the unwritten and unsung songs that must have still been in his heart. May heaven's choir be that much richer for his passing.

Lexi the kitten is still very much a terror. She is now completely at ease in our house and the lives of her humans and fellow housecat Jack. I woke up night before last and found them cuddled together in the space between DH and I in bed. I have seen them play like they were both kittens although Jack gives up way sooner than Lexi and just watches her. She flys around the house in the morning like she was in training for the Olympics!! And she loves her toys and her crinkle tent. I have a hard time knitting because she wants to grab the knitting needles and yarn. I have to wait until her all too brief nap time in the afternoon to get anything done. I have tried to get more pictures of her but all I get is a blur and that is on sports mode and a very fast shutter speed!!

Work is almost over. Just 2 short weeks to go. In fact I am saying good bye to some of my co-workers already. My favorite anesthesiologist left this week for the holidays so I will not see him again along with several of the CRNA's. I also found out my 2 long time Radiologists may not be back while I am still there. That is sad because I did not get to even say goodbye to the one. I have also had to say goodbye to more patients and that has come with some heartbreaking results. My all time favorite patient came last week and on what should have been a good clean scan of his brain we found new disease. This is the 2nd time his cancer has returned and that is never a good thing. And to find out right before Christmas. We also got news that another one of our older kids with brain cancer has had a reoccurance with a scan at an outside facility. So as I leave I will have plenty of prayers to say for these boys and I will have to find a way to keep up with their progress. It has always been a sad part of my job but I was hoping to walk away with everyone doing well and that is not to be. I guess it is just a way for God to remind me how important what I did was and to consider returning to work at some point in the future.

Moving is coming along I guess as well as can be expected. We had a shipment taken on to Tennessee already and the house barely looks different. Of course DH sent things I think we need here and left other stuff we could have done without. But we will make due and hopefully this transition with be short lived.

So with all of that I will finish up and get back to business here at home. Just remember to live your lives like it will end tomorrow. Because Dan did and he left the world with few regrets.

Once in a vision I came on some woods
And stood at a fork in the road
My choices were clear yet I froze with the fear
Of not knowing which way to go
Oh, one road was simple acceptance of life
The other road offered sweet peace
When I made my decision
My vision became my release
Dan Fogelberg,Netherlands from High Country Snows 1985

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