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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Finished and on the Feet

As you can probably see, Miss Lexi has had her surgery and has recovered enough to snuggle with her favorite pal. She really looks funny with her belly shaved and her stitches are still in so I wish she had been the cat in front but oh well, they don't care a flip how they look for the camera. Unfortunately I think she had developed an incisional hernia from being to active to soon. We will here the official news when we see the vet Friday to remove the offending stitches. If it is a hernia I am sure there will be another surgery in the near future. I think abandoned kitty's cost to way to much money. But who can put a price on a purr?

This week gave us a real taste of summer. Our highs started going over 70 on Friday and soared about 80 yesterday. I moved my patio furniture around and got to sit out and enjoy the sunshine every afternoon. I did some knitting and some reading while basking in the sun and watching the cats pretend to stalk birds. I even tried to take a nap but I started to worry that the red tailed hawk would come snatch my expensive baby so I grabbed her up and went in. I managed to get several projects finished this week. I completed the Di Ve' felted basket on Saturday and it came out pretty well. It is still a little small but the form is finally what I want. The yarn felted nicely but it used up every bit of yarn I had so the basket ended up being quite expensive for a cat bed. But she loves it and will sleep in it till she outgrows it. And then I will rewash it and use it for more yarn storage.

I finally finished up with the Cable/Rib socks. And as expected I had to use some substitute yarn to finish up with the 2nd toe. Luckily I had used some similar Jitterbug on a baby sweater project so I grabbed that and pushed through. I am quite happy with my design features and someday I will re-knit these with the intent of publishing the pattern. I have the pattern written down and saved in the computer along with notes I made to maybe slightly alter the next pair. They really turned out quite pretty and the difference in the toe yarn is not that noticable at all.

I have had a great time working on my Fair Isle Fuzzy Feet. This is a project I am working on to use up more of my Cascade 220 stash. I knew I wanted my fuzzy feet to be more densely felted than my last pair so I cast on more stitches and used slightly smaller needles than called for in the pattern. And with the additional yarn being carried across the back of the color work these should felt heavily and be very very warm. I am purposely mismatching every thing about the colorwork between the 2 socks. I am not a good colorwork knitter but I figured with the big needles and the felting, my foibles will not be noticable. I have no real idea if these will fit when I am done but I figured they will fit someone, somewhere, somehow. And if they don't fit me I will have a better idea of how many stitches I need to acheive the end result I want. I am working on the heel of my 2nd sock now so they should be done and felted this weekend, ready for a photo debut on my next installment.

And finally I fell in love with a project I found while voting for the Bobby's on Revelry. It is the Sock Yarn Blankie by The Heathen Housewife. I vaguely remember hearing about her project and how people all over were sending her their leftover sock yarn. I should have sent her some of mine but I quickly let the thought escape my mind as so much does. So now I have decided that is what I want to do with my sock yarn(and anybody who wants to send me theirs now that Shelly is done!!). This project is going to be my small take anywhere kind of knitting and will maybe take me forever. I don't have a time line or deadline in mind nor do I know how big I will make it. I have told myself it needs to be at least as big as a wrap I can drag around to keep warm in cold places so we will see if I can get it any bigger. So far I seem to be able to only do 3 sq's a night which is about right for the variety of yarn I have on hand right now. But I got some yarn from a WW buddy today in the mail and my fingers are itching to get some of it in my project.

I am also going to start a new sweater this week. As soon as the postman brings me the pattern from Schoolhouse Press. So I won't talk much about that now and save it for next week.

Well, other than doing alot of walking, packing and cleaning, nothing much is going on with the house and the moving. So I won't bore you all much anymore tonight and I will get back to my knitting. Now get back to yours!!!

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