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I am a consumate crafter. I knit, quilt both sane and crazy, scrapbook, bead, mosaics and any other thing I can think of along the way. Someday I also hope to do real glass jewelery and stained glass but those have to wait until I have room and more time.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Hussy Kitten

Well-This week, the kitten that was supposed to be too young to go into heat? Well-she's not to young after all. On Friday she started to get just a little more affectionate than usual. But she started doing this weird stretching out pose and then it progressed into-tail straight up, ass in the air and crying for hours. Jack our old neutered male just looked at her like she was crazy. Crazy I tell you!! Of course there is nothing you can do on Friday afternoon but wait til Monday. So as we speak, she is at the vet, in a lonely cage, probably crying her heart out, waiting to be cut on. Well at least she doesn't realize she is going to be cut on. She just thinks Mommy doesn't love her and sent her to kitty jail. Boy am I going to have to make this up to her. But it broke my heart to think that if I hadn't taken her in she probably would have gotten preggers and she is way way to tiny so I am doing what is best for her in the long run.

On to projects: As for knitting. I got the new Cat basket finished this week and lo and behold it is too small for even little Lexi. All the changes I made, made for a better shaped, better looking basket but just a bit too small. So now it is a very nice colorful yarn basket and I will make another one for the kitties. The Cascade 220 is just awesome in felted projects and I can not beleive I ever even stooped so low as to use that old Lion Brand Wool. I am also almost finished with the Cable/Rib socks. Tonight I got down to where the toe decreases start. But I am definitely going to run out of yarn too soon and the toe will be a hybrid. I kind of toyed with the idea of submitting this pattern somewhere but until I knit a pair with just one color that idea is out!! I also started knitting a sweater with some yarn I bought over a year ago. It is Autunno from Di.Ve' in Dragon Flower. I got about 11" knit of the body in the round and called it quits. God it fuzzes and pills even when knitting. I googled the yarn and came up with multiple blogs where knitters complained of the same thing. When you knit something small and it does not get handled much it holds up OK. But when it is really worked with alot it almost felts as you go. And it had some horrible thick and thin spots which just didn't do it for me. So I broke down and ordered some more Cascade 220, enough to do almost any sweater so I won't decide until it arrives. I ordered it from Angelika's yarn store which has the fastest service in the world. Meanwhile I will maybe work on another basket with the dreaded Di.Ve' and see how it goes.

I really got going on some serious sewing this week. I already had a few blocks done for the final round of the progressive round robin. You know the one for the girl I barely know who moved to N Carolina? Well for a girl I barely know-I sure went all out. I already had the N. Carolina Star done with all the "Y" seams, 4 sawtooth blocks and the Tree of Life made with about a gazillion half sq triangles. Then while going thru the bag that all the fabric came in I came across the note she wrote with her basic instructions for the the project. She thought the fabric looked kind of woodsey and maybe trees could be worked in. Well didn't I just strike it lucky with my Tree of Life Block? Then I went thru my orphan block stash and found some very old tree blocks that could be used to fill in around the larger blocks. I kind of thought about doing a few more small tree blocks over the weekend but instead I found a awesome 12" tree pattern in a old QNM and I just had to do it. So now I am done, will do no more, have called it quits, absolutely will not sew another stitch. I am going to package it up and get it back to the last girl in the rotation to put her blocks in and she can send it to Diane to enjoy. And enjoy it I know she will. This project is one I would love to have and I can not wait to see how she puts it all together and quilts it.
I guess I did not take a pic of the Tree of Life block so maybe next week on that one.
I did not get as much housework or packing done this week as I should so I guess I better make up for it this week. I should easily finish the crazy toes socks this week and maybe work on another basket, start a sweater and who knows what else. Did I mention getting 4 new knitting books this week? Well Debbie Bliss's Knitted Teddy Bears and Marianna Kinzel's 2 Lace knitting books have been great buys with lots of inspiration. The 4th book was a new copy of EZ's Knitter's Almanac that I seem to have lost my original. So if anyone finds her give her a good home and use her patterns-please!!

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