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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The "Big" Snow Storm of 2007

The weather men had been predicting a major snow event for this weekend for days. They kept saying it could easily be a once in a century event with up to 12" of snow for our area. Well for the want of 2 degrees all we got was rain. Albeit the 3/4" of rain we got would have been up to 10" if it had just gotten a little colder. Finally this evening we got just a sprinkling of snow as the temperature finally fell below the 32 degree mark. It was not much of a photo op but I did the best I could!

This week at work was not all that busy due to all the ice on the roads. They were also in the process of moving the patients from the old Children's Hospital building to the new one so I got plenty of knitting time at work. I made 2 washcloths for the marines in my SIL's unit in Iraq. I wrap one around a bottle of shower gel and send them off to his unit. Hopefully they like them as well as I do mine. Someone the other day mentioned that elite Spa's give handmade washcloths out to their clients so I feel like they are a real luxury item and a bit of love I can send their way.
This pattern was given to me by Mona thru JanetF from my NFWW thread. It is knit on the diagonal starting with 4 stitches, working up to 60 and back down to 4. It has an eyelet edge and is knit from ordinary Peaches & Cream yarn. I love to see how each colorway knits up.

My other project I started this week was a new pair of socks. They are very plain stockinette stitch with a gorgeous bright sock yarn called Luna. It is a yarn from Italy, 100% wool and still washable. It is knit on size "0" needles from a generic sock pattern out of the Ann Budd book. I did not want the sock pattern to take away from the cool yarn color pattern.
I am at the point of doing the heel-my favorite part. I love the method for slip stitching every other stitch on the knit row can create a dense heel fabric. And how just knitting back and forth can turn a heel.
I bought another colorway for my friend for Christmas and if I don't hurry up and give it to her I may have to confiscate it for myself!!!

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Carol said...

That Italian yarn is really bright. I like it. They will be great looking socks.