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Monday, May 14, 2007

Lots of Flowers,not much Knitting!!

Boy was this week busy at work. I think it set some sort of record for the number of in patients needing MRI's. Towards the end of the week we were just out of spots and we were having to call the ordering physicians and turn patients away. I told one young female resident that I was going to take her ordering button away!! This is not the McDonald's drive thru!! I told another guy that in order to scan his patient I would have to stack the kids like cord wood and scan them 2 at a time. He wasn't really listening to me and said "Ok"!! All I can say is I hope this next week calms down both for our sake and for the patients who really do need scanning.

I was not able to get very much knitting in. I am almost done with the foot on the 2nd Paducah sock and should be able to finish up this week. I knit quite a bit on the body of the shawl but am barely half way. I can actually knit without the pattern in front of me. I keep thinking I am past making mistakes and can get a couple of repeats done without frogging. Then all of a sudden I am ripping out 1/2 a repeat and getting frustrated but I will perservere and get this done. I would take a picture but right now it is not photographing well at all so you will just have to take my word on how nice it looks. I have been looking at the pattern for the knitted on border and Lord help me it is going to take some concentration. Wish me luck.

I have found 2 new sweaters that I would like to knit. One is a bonus pattern on Knitty. It is a cardigan knit in a mosaic design. It would look so nice with a t shirt and jeans. The other is the sweater on the cover of the new Interweave Knits. I am just a sucker for cables and raglan sleeves. The guage given for the sweater makes me think I could use the CLassic Elite's WoolBamboo which I have been craving since I knitted some into a winter scarf for Ladda my hairdresser this winter. Of course neither of these are suitable for using the actual yarn I have for my next project but oh well-I like to dream ahead.
Our garden is finally really coming along. All 4 tomato plants have buds but have not started to set fruit yet. I don't imagine it will be long since the nights are starting to get warmer. The green peppers have started setting fruit and I have several very very small peppers!! The herbs are starting to get a little bigger and it should not be long before I can harvest both basils, chives and the stevia. I am anxious to try the stevia. You are supposed to be able to use one or two leaves to sweeten a glass of tea. To bad I don't drink cold tea!! I have lots of flowers blooming and the yard is all full of color. I am starting to see my first butterflys of the year. But alas there are absolutely no bees. What we are hearing on the news about the missing bees is true. 5 years ago my garden was always buzzing with the sound of bees pollinating the flowers. Now it has been almost 2 years since I could say I have seen a single one. I sure hope someone figures out the mystery and finds out how to bring them back.
I had a funny thing happen to my reading routine this week. I finished "Drums of Autumn" and was totally ready to start the next book. When I picked it up it seemed to take an odd jump in time. Now Diana Gabaldon has a habit of doing this anyway but I looked inside the book jacket and quickly found I had bought the wrong book. I bought book 6 instead of 5. I figured I would just go buy the last one on my way out of town Friday but I just could not wait. So Wednesday night I rushed out of the hospital and hit Barnes & Noble just before they closed. I rushed in, bought book 6 and made it home to read 3 or 4 chapters before going to sleep. Now I am well into this volumn. And while I was at B&N I was relieved to see that Harry Potter book 7 does not come out until July so I can finish this series up and be ready in time. Next week I will tell you some of the rumors I am hearing about what will happen in Harry Potter and how I feel about them and the rumor mongers!!! Till then....

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