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I am a consumate crafter. I knit, quilt both sane and crazy, scrapbook, bead, mosaics and any other thing I can think of along the way. Someday I also hope to do real glass jewelery and stained glass but those have to wait until I have room and more time.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Elizabeth Zimmerman-I love YOU!

These are the feet of my beloved daughter, SIL & granddaughters!! I wanted them to take pictures of sandy feet and this is the result. Trouble is it makes me yearn for them and the awesome beach this was taken at. Oh well-next year after we move!!

You may wonder why I am extoling the virtues of Elizabeth Zimmerman. I was already knitting her Baby Suprise Jacket and was only waiting for more yarn to arrive to finish. It is such a wonder of geometry, almost poetry in motion. When I was ordering the extra yarn I decided to have them throw in her "Knitter's Almanac" thinking it had the pattern for the Baby Suprise Jacket also. But it did not have it among the 12 patterns included. What it did have was the directions for a single row buttonhole. Her telling of how she came up with the process is pretty funny as are all the other tidbit stories she includes in the book. This buttonhole is awesome although I am going to change one very small thing next time I make it. When you have to add the backward loop stitches back on the needle I plan on adding one less than necessary. When I knit them in the next row there should be enough slack to make one more backwards loop in between the ones I added in the row before. Because there is a lot of slack in the backward stitch cast on sometimes it looks loose in the garment and this also happened with these buttonholes. I hope I remember this fix to try next time. And I already have more yarn to try again that is how much I love this pattern.
The next thing I worked on this week was my new pair of socks. Last week I was well along on the SS KAL for this session called "I Love Gansey" Well I did not!! Well at least in my yarn and gauge. So I frogged it and started a sock with a pattern out of an old pattern dictionary. There is not a name for the stitch pattern but particular yarn it looks Scottish to me so hence the name "Scottish Waves" It is a incredibly easy stitch pattern to memorize and knit and is going fast since I had to knit them on size 2's to get over my heel. The foot may be done back on 1's tho to make them more fitted. I still will knit the SSKAL sock someday but I will alter the hearts to look like hearts or change them altogether.

I gifted my Victorian Lace socks to my current Radiology resident, Dr Anne Munson. I could not have given them to a more grateful person and it did my heart good to see she would love them well. I made her model them on her feet tho and I took the picture in the dark reading room that she had been stuck in all day. The other gift that was well received was the "Sweet Pea" baby sweater I made for my on-line friend, Amina and her soon to be little one. She promised me a photo of the recipient wearing the set as soon as was possible( we still have a couple of month' wait!!)

I have to go back to work a day early as so this will be shorter than usual. OK, OK maybe not!! No one ever accused me of not having enough to say. My knitting goals for the week will be to make progress on my socks, get buttons for the BSJ & get them sewn on. Once I am home next weekend I need to make the hat for the Jitterbug baby sweater that needs to be gifted soon. By then I will have passed on my current Progressive Quilt Challenge blocks and have new ones to look at and plan for so that will be on the sewing list. I will end with pictures of the cutest kittens in the world. They are not mine, per se, but they visit me almost every time I am outside at my apartment. The owner does not care for them well so I feed them and this week I will treat them for the horrible fleas they have. Two out of the 3 were willing to pose for the camera but Cali was being standoffish. She is usually right up there with her brothers but not with the camera in her face......

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