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I am a consumate crafter. I knit, quilt both sane and crazy, scrapbook, bead, mosaics and any other thing I can think of along the way. Someday I also hope to do real glass jewelery and stained glass but those have to wait until I have room and more time.

Monday, August 20, 2007

In the Eye of the Hurricane!!

This is my nature picture for the week!! All week long the weather forcasters were calling for about a 10-20% chance of rain over the weekend. Driving home Friday night we got a nice 1/4" and I figured that was all we were going to get. Then they started saying we would probably get a little more, maybe an inch on Saturday. started raining in the evening Saturday and kept getting more and more severe. The winds blew, the rain pounded, the lightening flashed. It went on all night. When we awoke Sunday morning we found some areas in Oklahoma had over 10". We probably had 4-6" locally depending on where you measured. The weathermen said that this storm had an "eye" just like a hurricane and the barometric pressure was lower than it had been when it came in off the coast. But now it is back to hot and humid, just like August in Oklahoma is known to be!!

On to my projects for the week. I got a lot of knitting time in this week and completely finished the 1st of my Scottish Wave socks. And I got the ribbing almost done on the 2nd sock. I managed to knit up a quick hat for the Jitterbug sweater that I am gifting this week to Dr Allen's unborn little boy. I still have the buttons to sew on that one tonight but I will get it done and given this week.

I got some good organizing time in my sewing room and packed up a bunch more boxes. But most of all I got alot of quilt "seeds" cut. What does that mean you say? Well it means that I just started cutting 2 1/2" squares out of scraps in my scrap basket. I also cut some out of larger peices of fabric as I was organizing them and putting them in the boxes. But mostly this was intended to cut down on the scraps that have sit there for years. I cut over 700 squares and so far I can not tell there is even a dent in the quantity sitting in the basket. I knew they were in there reproducing and as soon as I tried to cut down their numbers they would reproduce even faster!! It was fun to try to remember when and where I bought the fabric and how it was used in the past. Sometimes my memory failed me completely tho or perhaps I never used the fabric? That could not possibly be, could it? Anyway I was feeling pretty smug until I figured out that what I cut was just the equivelent of about 15 fat quarters. But I do kind of have a plan for a cute quilt made with just the squares and muslin background but for now it is just cutting for me.
I also received the 2nd round of my progressive round robin. The owner of this round is Marcy Cale and Coleen Adair is the only person so far to work on her blocks. I have them hanging up to get some feel for where I want to go with it. It tried to get pics but it just did not work out so maybe next weekend I can get some. Meanwhile I have some fabric pinned up around it to audition them and I have at least one idea to work on with it. I am jealous because those ladies who could make it to scrappy's Thursday nights got to see everybodies work so far including the work on their own blocks. I on the other hand will have to wait until the end of the project unless I am lucky and have a Thursday night off for once.
I had planned on getting some new PJ's cut for the DGD's but it probably won't happen any more this weekend. This coming work week I hope to get alot done on the 2nd Scottish Wave sock. Then next weekend I would like to get those jammies cut out and partially sewn together. I will need to be starting another knitting project but that won't be a problem as there is plenty of yarn just sitting around waiting for me to grab and go......

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Carol said...

The night of the "hurricane" we got 7" of rain in 4 hrs. Most of the time the wind was blowing so hard that the rain was coming down sideways. Couldn't sleep because of rain hitting the windows so hard, so finally got up and watched the TV weathermen get all excited.

I like the new socks.