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I am a consumate crafter. I knit, quilt both sane and crazy, scrapbook, bead, mosaics and any other thing I can think of along the way. Someday I also hope to do real glass jewelery and stained glass but those have to wait until I have room and more time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

On Top of Old Smoky

These pics are from my DGD's back packing trip into the Smokies. Their Dad took them on a 5 day back country hiking trip and they all did great. Notice DGD #1 is wearing her Wonderful Wallaby sweater that I made for her last Christmas-yeah Maddy!!

This week was particularly busy at work. So I did not get alot of knitting done. I was able to get the 2nd Scottish Wave sock done down to the start of the heel flap. I got the buttons on the Baby Suprize Jacket and will be gifting it very soon to the next door neighbor's daughter who is having a girl. I also found out that my new next door neighbor at my apartment is pregnant. She is such a sweet girl although fairly young. I told her I knit and she was very interested in re-learning to knit herself. I have already started a BSJ for her in a neutral colorway so it can be for either a boy or girl. They have not found out yet what they are having. Again I am using the Colinette Cadenza and the main color is grey of shades from medium to dark. There are short shots of all kinds of great colors including red, blue, green and a mustard yellow. I am also going to intersperse some strips of a matching red solid since the 2 balls of Cadenza are not quite enough for the sweater. I will be working on different decreases & increases than the original to see if there is any I like better. I am doing a simple knit 3 together right now and I think it is working out to look nice. For the double increases I will do a lifted bar increase by knitting into the front and the back of the bar.. It will leave a very small hole that should line up and be a nice design element. I will be working on improving my single row buttonhole technique that EZ talks about in Knitters Almanac. I also got the Jitterbug sweater to it's recipient's momma and she seemed to be quite impressed and promised to bring the baby by wearing the set.

On the quilting front I worked on packing up my sewing room some more. I got another 3 boxes of fabric boxed up and lots of other fabric found its way into the appropriate boxs. I am also cutting quilt seeds as I put stuff away. Quilt seeds are just 2 1/2" squares for a future undecided quilting project. So far I have over 1000 cut in over 200 different fabrics. I do have several ideas of what I might do with this but will not start anytime soon. But when I do I will not have to cut anything!! Well here are the squares that have been made so far on this round of the Progressive RR that I now have to work on. The fabric is from Marcy and Colleen made these blocks. I am stumped at the moment on what to do with this next. I did buy some fabric this week but still don't have a clue where to go with it. I know I have to get these blocks separated out by some thing less busy but so far my muse is keeping quiet. I sure hope my next round is easier!!

Well I leave for work tomorrow morning and do not get to come home for over a week. I will get 3 days off over the Labor Day weekend but I will be stuck in my apartment and that gets old quick. I will take all my knitting projects with me but that only goes so far. And I have to watch how much I knit before my neck goes into spasms. I probably should take my kid's PJ pattern with me as I have a pair of birthday PJ's to make. DGD #1 suggested I make DGD #2 dinosaur pajama's for her upcoming birthday. Now why did I not think of that? Of course that means a trip to Oklahoma Quiltworks for fabric which is such a hardship!!!! I also need to buy fabric for a charms exchange I am doing with my WW quilting friends. You would think with over 20 boxes of fabric packed that I would not need any more for many years but it seems like I never have exactly what I want when I want it. Sounds like an I don't want to find a cure for. Well till next week, probably Tuesday by the looks of it....

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