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I am a consumate crafter. I knit, quilt both sane and crazy, scrapbook, bead, mosaics and any other thing I can think of along the way. Someday I also hope to do real glass jewelery and stained glass but those have to wait until I have room and more time.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Enough for the Army,Navy & Marines!!!

After a week of clouds and several days of rain, the sky has cleared to a beautiful blue. I went and bought myself a new camera for my birthday and was dying to try it out but this pic was taken on a very grey day so it is not the best. I bought a Nikon D40 SLR and am loving it!! It is actually easier to use in Auto mode than my point and shoot digital and takes way better pics. I promise to get out the manual and keep learning what I can do with it. Heck I may even go buy a digital photography book at B&N.

My knitting week was fairly productive. First of all-I got the chain link socks done. I have even worn them already. They are a little loose but no one but me will ever know. I will only be wearing them with long pants in the winter. I got about 1/2 the way up the body of my alpaca sweater. I am so afraid I will have to go buy another $20 skein of the yarn in order to finish. I should know for sure by next weekend. God I pray she has just one more skein or this sweater could be very very odd.

This picture explains my title for today. When I was a kid whenever my mom cooked a lot of something, she would always say "I made enough for the Army, Navy and Marines". Well my washclothes are so far only for the Marines but I figure I have made at least 30 of them since Christmas! Right now I am not sending them off to anyone so they are stacking up. I figure at about 2 a week this stack is going to get huge fast!! I wish they would come out with new colors to keep things interesting. After I do the one on my needles now I may try the entralac dish cloth I found online. It looks confusing to me now but maybe with some quiet and patience I can figure it out.
I finished "Dragonfly in Amber" this week and am starting on "Voyager" I have really gotten addicted to reading again and need to balance that expense with my crafting expenses!! I also bought beads this week to make a braclet I saw in "Bead and Button". I still need 2 colors of seed beads before I can whip that out.
Well that is all for the week. By this time next week I hope to have the sleeves attached to the body of my alpaca sweater, the new KAL socks started, 2 more washclothes done and many more chapters read. Everybody have a great week.

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