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I am a consumate crafter. I knit, quilt both sane and crazy, scrapbook, bead, mosaics and any other thing I can think of along the way. Someday I also hope to do real glass jewelery and stained glass but those have to wait until I have room and more time.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lord-Are you sending an Arc?

It has rained all week and I may be starting to mold!! Actually I managed to catch a virus this week and spent the better part of 3 days with a hellish sore throat and a killer headache. So I did not get much knitting in. I did manage to turn corner #3 on the shawl and I also turned the heel on the Victorian Lace sock. But I did not ever get any pics so maybe next week.

Despite the lack of sun my cherry tomatos are finally starting to ripen. Once the sun comes out this week we should be able to pick them by the bowlful. No new peppers have set due to the dreary weather. The herbs love it tho and I have used quite a bit of basil, thyme and oregano. The flowers are all bright and perky especially my Dahlia's. Its been awhile since I attempted to grow these but I will from now on.

This week was Maddie's birthday. She turned 8 years old this week. But the story is not what she got as gifts but with what she gave as a gift. She decided to have her beautiful long hair cut off and given to Locks of Love in memory of a relative that had passed this week due to cancer. It must have taken a lot of courage to have then make that first cut but as always she still looked beautiful.
I did get a bit of reading done due to the monster cold. I am about 2/3 of the way thru book 6. The beginning of the war for Indepenence is looming and Jamie has had to make his true intentions known-to fight for independence. There is a lot of story to still evolve in the last few chapters of this book. I will miss the Frasier's when I finish up-Harry will have to hurry up and fill the void.........

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