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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 1 of Bliss!!

Granddaughters in Paradise-Day 1!!

Well I arrived in North Carolina without too much of a hitch. I got in quite late so my little darlings were fast asleep in their beds and I figured I would not get to see them til morning. But while brushing my teeth, DSIL woke the girls up and they hid in my bedroom til I walked in. I was not expecting their sweet giggle but when I heard it my eyes welled up and my heart just about exploded. So we got in a few quick hugs and sent them back off to bed til morning.

I am going to try and post at least a bit every day while I am here. DSIL actually suggested it so here we go with the memories of day 1.

My daughter had to leave today for her clinicals and DSIL leaves tomorrow for his mission. So today was just a good day to stay close to home and get a feel for the lay of the land so to speak. Katie always wakes up early so by 6:30 she came into great me with a big smile. Maddy is more like me and wakes up a little bit slower but I still got a big smile from her too. Almost immediately Katie asked me if I brought her knitting with me. I had remembered to stick her special needles in my bag, but dummy me forgot about any yarn. So I got out my current sock project and my afghan for her to see. Well she decided she could just knit on one of those projects. I am thinking-no way-gauge and needles way to small for tiny hands. But I would be wrong!! After a short refresher lesson Katie was happily knittin on Audry II and doing very very well. And all day long she has asked to keep at it a row at a time. She truely understands the process and rarely makes any mistake. I have had to help her a bit when she splits the yarn with the needle or drops a stitch off but that is about it. These pics of her are so precious and even if she does not become a lifelong knitter I will always have these as a reminder of Grandma teaching Katie to knit. But like the rest of us-resistence is futile and she will be a knitter extraordinaire!!

Now these are some active girls and we had to go take a walk down to the bay. We took the 2 dogs and headed down a path thru the woods and in just a few minutes came to an opening in the trees and there was a very pretty tiny beach that we could scramble down to with just a little effort. These was tons of gorgeous driftwood, all silvery and smooth, perfect for climbing and sitting on. In the water there were lots of bitty fish and some fairly large crabs that Katie was "kind of scared" of. The dogs ran themselves ragged chasing the frisbee out into the water. And despite liberal applications of bug repellent we were constantly finding ticks crawling all over us. Yeachhhhhhh!!! Katie found a large frog with all 4 limbs amputated and was fascinated to find that it still appeared to be alive. I am not sure how true this is but it made her feel better to hear that frogs can keep moving for awhile after they are dead due to their primative nervous system.
This afternoon after a quick tour of the important aspects of Camp Lejuene, DSIL went golfing and left me with the girls and the car. So we jumped in with both feet and ventured out to the commissary. It wasn't too far, I did not get lost or break the car so hopefully tomorrow I can start gettin a little braver and head out to the beach during the school day. But for now Spongebob Square Pants is getting just a little bit too much of the attention that is supposed to be all mine so I will go and hopefully see you all tomorrow...

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