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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wrapping it up

Well the trip has ended. I am home, the luggage has been put away, the house is back in order
and it is finally time to wrap up the memories before I forget to many of them.

We chose Friday to head to the beach for our final time. Actually we chose 2 beaches both to the north of Camp Lejeune. We got up with the chickens and set out for the Bogue Banks area. The first beach across the bridge is Emerald Isle. They have a great fishing pier and that sounded like a great place to start out with. And a great place to take pics of the girls with Audry II. We dragged the blankie up on the pier and as soon as we started staging the pics we got alot of attention. Several people stopped to admire the blankie and gave us all some nice compliments. We got the task done nicely and then set out to see what the pier had to offer. The fishermen were thick and seemed to be catching alot of fish. Then we started to notice these things in the water. Floating blobs of jellyfish. Many many of them. The girls thought they were very cool and that they looked like cherry ice cream sundaes!!

Then we went down to the beach itself. In a matter of seconds we realized that the shelling was going to be fantastic. Within minutes I had several shells that were totally new to me. And tons and tons of nice whole shells that I had to leave behind due to luggage space constrainst. But along with the good shelling came lots of beachcombers to snatch things up and the better shells disappeared very fast. The girls got in the water for a bit but the waves were way to tame for them. We found out later that the tide was abnormally low which allowed for the good shells and bad for exciting wave action.

We grabbed some fantastic sandwichs at a local sandwich shop and then left Bogue Banks for Hammock's beach State Park. It is a little further south along the coast, closer to Jacksonville. The park consists of a very nice visitor's center, a ferry to take you to Bear Island, and Bear Island itself. The ferry ride takes about 15 minutes unless the Park ranger decides you have time to stop and watch the native bay dolphins rolicking which we did. What a sight!! 2 of them swam and leaped near the ferry for about 10 minutes. And on one of the very small islands there was a Bald Eagle on her nest that they took us by. Once we got to the island you have to trek across the dunes 1/2 mile to the beach. The beach was nice and the waves were just a bit more active than earlier in the day at Emerald Isle. But mostly we beach combed. We were told that the end of the beach had alot of sand dollars but after trekking all the way down there we found not a one. Katie found this intact spiney oyster shell that was pretty impressive in our eyes. Finally we had to call it quits and head home. Sad to know that it could be a long time before I can get sand between my toes again.

Saturday was miss Maddie's 9th birthday!! We went bowling and even tho we had a great time and Maddy was wearing her new hand knit socks proudly, the camera battery died and I didn't get a single pic. I didn't remember how much fun bowling was til game 2 and the whole swing of it started to come back. I was losing badly until the 9th frame when I finally bowled a strike and spare in a row and came from behind to win!! Then back home for dinner and birthday cake. Maddy really loved her sand dollar charm and chain that I had finally settled on for her present. Grandma rocks!! Later I did get pics of the birthday socks with Maddie's feet in them.

Sunday was all about the trip home. The 2 1/2 hr drive to Raleigh/Durham airport seemed so long knowing I had to say goodbye so soon. The flight home was totally uneventful. I started reading a book waiting for the first flight and finished it up when Ken was driving up to the Lawton airport to pick me up!!

Since I have been home I finished Katie's first sock and started on the 2nd. She only wants ankle socks so that makes for quick work. I also caved in at Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought my first skein of Sock Ease by Lion Brand. It looks like it should be nice and Maddy will appreciate the mostly pink colorway I chose. But now it is all going to have to be about making this house get sold. So knitting will have to take the back seat for awile. And I am sure I will not podcast all that much cause after all who wants to hear much about my household chores!!

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