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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh to be 8 again!!

Another quiet couple of days have gone by. Tuesday after school the girls and I went to the movies to see "Kung Fu Panda". They liked it fine, actually they liked the "Kung Fu Fighting" song at the end the best. Then out to eat and home. Nothing picture worthy at all. Yesterday was the girls last day of school for the year. Maddy got an Academic award signed by Pres Bush. She was really excited about that. It is good the man still has at least a few fans out here in average Joe land.

Today was slated to go to at least one of the more northern beaches. But when we got home the other night there was a party invitation waiting for the girls. The little girl next door was having an end of school party slated for this afternoon. So the beach got rescheduled, no big deal. The invitation said "Large Water Slide" and Pizza so the girls thought that was just cool with them. This morning they wanted to get back to knitting so I got them both started on a very narrow scarf project. Katie is still knitting a bit better than Maddy. Katie is on about row 8 and still has the same 10 stitches to the row she started with. I had to help when she would wrap the yarn around the needle once to many times but she is good about not dropping stitches. She knits quite loose so her scarf will be light and airy. Maddy knits very tight and in an awkward postition but she does understand what she is supposed to be doing which is great. And her 10 stitches have turned into 12 which grandma will not fix. I kind of expect Katie to keep up her project and Maddy to let hers languish. I think Maddy has just not found her craft quite yet.

The girls managed to stay pretty laid back waiting for the party and were actually watching TV when the truck came to set up the water slide. When it was time to put sunscreen on them they didn't understand why they needed it. I know they thought that all they were going to be doing was a silly little slip and slide that they had been playing with all week. So the first time they peeked out their heads their jaws dropped and their eyes got big as saucers. Katie made me hold her hand to walk over but as soon as she got about 10 feet away she dropped my hand, made a dash and said "Bye Grandma" and I haven't been able to tear her away since. They have been playing now for 5 solid hours. Up and down this slide at least a million times. And they are still just as happy and joyful as any child could be. It makes me want to be a kid again to know that feeling of utter fun and frolic!! But honestly I am ready for the rental guy to come take the slide away cause I know I will not have any luck getting these girls to come in for dinner as long as that slide is still sitting there. So guy come already or my 2 girls will be way to tired to go to the beach with dear old grandma tomorrow..
This slide is 20ft high. The party mom said there was actually another higher one-25ft but it had already been rented for the day. Can you imagine how many steps these girls have climbed today on this thing??

So hopefully tomorrow will be a great beach day with a few more pics. Just in case I didn't get enough the other day. And then Saturday will be bowling for Maddy's birthday. And she will be proudly wearing her first pair of hand knit socks to bowl in. She told me the other day that this will be her best birthday ever cause I am here and I am making her socks. OK so she maybe won't be a knitter-but she might possibly be the best granddaughter ever for saying that!!

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